Three Sentence Movie Reviews: Magic Mike XXL


My expectations were low going in and indeed, this is a long, slow movie broken up with some good dancing now and then.  Characters from the earlier film*  are fleshed out** and there is a merry-go-round full of cameos and other supporting roles.  What could have been the romantic subplot is oddly subverted and only half developed and thus, this movie just becomes a very long wait for the next striptease.***

Cost: $5.00
Where watched: Regal City Center 12 with Christi.

*Interestingly, though the character of Matthew McConaughey’s Dallas is explained away, there seems to be no mention of Alex Pettyfar’s Adam, even though he was the main supporting actor in Magic Mike.
**Hah! By which I mean their personalities are more fully developed as we’ve already seen most of their flesh
***I look forward to coming across the DVD at the library in future years so I can just get to the dancing.

posters from:
(best comment: We all know what the focal point is on this poster… Channing Tatum’s manatee-faced torso)
(the second one is a little more subtle)


4 thoughts on “Three Sentence Movie Reviews: Magic Mike XXL”

  1. I agree that the movie’s pace is too slow! I think my favourite bit is when Tatum’s character started to dance solo spontaneously during the earlier part of the movie. Which is your favourite dance sequence?

    1. I liked the spontaneous dance too and I thought the mirror dance at the end was impressive. But probably my favorite dance sequence was the convenience store dance, which was funny and fun to watch. (unlike most of the movie.)

  2. I can’t remember if I ever told you that I eventually got the first one from the library when I lived in Dallas but i couldn’t even make it all the way through. I thought it was boring. I never wanted to tell you because I know how much you love it, haha. So I doubt I’ll ever try to watch the sequel, but I’m glad you got to see more of Channing Tatum dancing around with his clothes off. 🙂

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