Three sentence movie reviews: Rock of Ages

Oh Glee, thank you so much for popularizing the mash-up.  Because without which, I never would have seen a delightful combination of the hideous “We Built this City” combined with my favorite asshole anthem “We’re Not Gonna Take It!”.  I have a pretty strict ban on Tom Cruise movies, but Tom Cruise playing a somewhat addled Axl Rose-type was not too hard to swallow and Catherine Zeta-Jones,* Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand continually cracked me up.**

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

*The “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” dance sequence was incredibly fun, and featured a bevy of delightful 80s “mom” clothes.
**And really, I was already sold because I own(ed) most of those songs either on 45rpm or cassette, but I can say that this was quite a well done movie musical.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Rock of Ages”

  1. I bought this for Charity for her birthday before any I us had seen it. My sisters had gone to the traveling production of the play with Constantine from American idol in it and carried on about it incessantly. So, we got it and planned to make a killer evening of sleep over and reminiscing. But, it fell flat of all our expectations with the two young leads and although Alec and Russel were funny together, we kept trying to think of WHO we would have actually cast that might have elevated the movie rather than dragging it down. I did find that I adored Malin Ackerman and wished she were lead instead of Juliane… I do believe it has never been viewed again… And I felt myself apologizing for buying it.

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