Three sentence movie reviews: The Best Years of Our Lives


A rather lengthy film* about how coming back from war is tough. Harold Russell is quite good (especially for a non-actor) as Homer Parrish, the veteran who has returned from war without his hands. Given the focus on the amazing accomplishments of the “Greatest Generation” this is a nice reminder of some of their tough times.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

*Three hours, and I felt each and every one of the 180 minutes.

Of note.  This was my fourth time requesting this from the library.  Normally, I check movies out and renew them as they come due; eventually I watch them. Not this one. Three times the due date came up, and three times I was unable to renew due to holds. The library has six copies.  Who is so interested in this movie (that is not very good)? My theory? There were six other people who also were obligated to watch this for some reason and had no deadline. The seven of us kept checking out, returning, and reserving the same six copies of the movie and we never, ever watched it.  I’m glad to have exited that cycle.

poster from:

Though the movie was boring, I find this to be a good scratch off.

This is also a solid one.

Let’s face it, this artist doesn’t excel in the art of depicting faces.

Do you want to scratch your movie poster itch? Get the scratch off poster here.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Best Years of Our Lives”

  1. Oh how I love Myrna Loy. My parent introduced us to the Thin Man series when I was a teen and I have loved her ever since. Also I remember thinking Dana Andrews* was a fine looking gentleman when I saw him in some film or another in my youth.

    *His name stood out because I had not known it to be a name for males, since the only Dana I knew was female. So it stuck in my head and I had forgotten him until seeing his name on the poster.

    1. Fun fact. One of my friends growing up (Lori) had a boyfriend for a while named Bud. But his name was really Dana.

      Dana Andrews was indeed a fine-looking gentleman.

      Myrna. There’s a name that hasn’t come back yet.

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