Three sentence movie reviews: The World’s End.

I enjoy a few things about Simon Pegg/Nick Frost/Edgar Wright films: they tend to combine genres in new and exciting ways; they are incredibly silly while also being a bit moving; and mostly I enjoy them because they are funny all the way through.  I saw the preview for this movie upwards of five times, so I was very familiar with those funny bits, and yet there were still more funny bits sustaining the entire length of the film.*

Cost:  $4.00 (though I spent another $5.00 for Kombucha on tap)
Where watched:  The Academy Theater (first time!) with Matt.

*One would expect this in a comedy, but it’s rather rare, actually.  Most follow the pattern of a bit of funny sprinkled here and there held together with vast swaths of not-funny.  It’s the worst when they’ve exhausted all the funny parts in the previews.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The World’s End.”

  1. I didn't actually like this one. I didn't like Hot Fuzz the first time I saw it either, but when I saw it a second time I was in stitches of laughter. So perhaps I'll like it better on a second viewing in a few years?

  2. I think Shawn went to this one on his own. It is a bit NFS. I think I need those sanitizer video places that used to be in ID and UT, just a Sara version!

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