Three sentence movie reviews: Three Identical Strangers

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For everyone who has ever dreamed they have a twin out there somewhere, this is the story of triplets who first found each other when they were 19. And then it becomes a story that takes a turn in a different darker direction. I loved twists and turns of this documentary* I was less of a fan of the amount of repetition that director Tim Wardle employed to drive home his point, and I also could have used more of a grounding in  time after the triplets meet.

Cost: $6.00
Where watched: Living Room Theater. (This was my second attempt. Two weeks ago it sold out.  In fact, my showing also sold out, but I bought my ticket early to avoid box office disappointment.)

*And, let’s face it, those guys are totally my type, so they were easy on the eyes.

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  1. I heard an amazing interview with the director on NPR. He was trying so hard to tell the story and not give away spoilers. It seemed like a tough task.

    1. Yes, I think the preview does a very good job of setting up the story and hinting at the more to come. But it would be hard to do longer interviews and not really get into the details.

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