Voting. Plus a Creative Mailer

Look at all the paper things I shuffled through before I voted. This doesn’t include the online resources I used as I was doing my research. This is why voting by mail is a-mazing. When I used to have to go to a polling place, I scribbled notes on a piece of paper and hoped I covered all the right things.

This was a creative mailer. You’ll never guess what conclusion was.

My favorite question was “Who killed Packy?” Because while I think Packy died from old age and standard substandard zoo conditions for elephants, I know that point was brought up because Metro once promoted a bond measure that would build an off-site home for the elephants at the zoo. And then when it passed they never did! I’m still salty about that.

From the future, I can tell you that though I did vote for Metro’s Transportation Wage Tax (even despite being salty about the elephants) many people agreed with the sentiments of this flow chart and the measure didn’t pass.

One thought on “Voting. Plus a Creative Mailer”

  1. This was my first year being able to stack up all the research supports while I had my ballot in hand for a vote from home. I am still inclined to go into the polls in the future when that is allowed again–but think it is an amazing option that EVERY voter should be able to use.

    That mailer. And the Packy as a political issue. Interesting!

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