We sample the Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar & Grill and also eat a good donut.

When I last visited Pike Schemes in 2015, we visited the 5-8 Club for their Juicy Lucy. Thus it followed that on this visit, we should go to Matt’s Bar & Grill to have their Jucy Lucy. 

Aside from a different spelling, Matt’s Bar is not one for a lot of choices.  You get your Jucy Lucy with American Cheese.  You can get some fries and beer too.  It’s cash only.  There aren’t plates, though the fries come in a basket.

And you know what?  It’s my winner in the Juicy/Jucy Lucy rivalry. That is one good burger.

After our dinner, Sara and I visited Glam Doll Donuts, where I got a donut with cookie dough, and Sara got that fluffy confection sitting next to the milk.  I found my donut to be a bit too much, even for double-dessert me.  I still ate it, though. Sara enjoyed her concoction.

2 thoughts on “We sample the Jucy Lucy at Matt’s Bar & Grill and also eat a good donut.”

  1. All that food looks so good! It’s making my tummy rumble. I’m a dork so whenever I see a business that shares my name or the name of someone I know, I think (and often say aloud), “It’s your [business]!” So I thought that about your Matt. I have an adult books store in West LA, lol.

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