Minneapolis bound!

Having completed Vacation Phase I: Seaside, I’m now ready for Vacation Phase II: Minneapolis and the Minnesota State Fair.

But first I must go to the airport to transport me to the location of Vacation Phase II.  And once again lament that I never have a six hour layover in our lovely airport.

The food is delicious, and the same price as it would be outside of the airport (they check).  There are musicians playing music.  And now, you can even go to the movies.

I got to the airport early enough to watch a music video, and the short “The Bee Hunter” which was very good.

4 thoughts on “Minneapolis bound!”

  1. I LOVE THAT THEATER! That is new since our last visit…or we haven’t noticed it before. And woo hoo, you are almost to Sara time!

    1. It’s pretty new. This year, maybe? You, of course, suffer the same problem as me in that you don’t have an actual layover in Portland.

  2. Is that *the* Hollywood theater that has opened a second branch at the airport. If so, I find that quite interesting. Also, a movie theater at the airport is a great idea!

    1. It is the one and only Hollywood Theater, Portland Oregon, that has opened a branch. I think all airports should have theaters.

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