2 thoughts on “What I’m not doing this Christmas”

  1. The “and then I came to my senses” made me LOL. It sounds like a lot of fun, but personally, I don’t think my talents lie in this direction.

  2. I have this insane desire to create beautiful, intricate, creative houses.( I even have a mold for baking the houses that I have never managed to actually use!) But, then, reality sets in. I bought 5 kits for the “kids”. Of course, one wasn’t pre-assembled and another had broken roofs and those were the two for Lucy and Eliza. So, after fighting them off long enough that I could repair the damage, I really just wanted to throw my hands up in the air and run away. It was a good excuse to finally get rid of our horde of candy! And, I realized that there was no place to actually display them anyway! Cripes! Just take them home!

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