8 Random Things

Over at Pike Schemes, Shawn and Sara have listed their 8 Random Things. Here are mine.

1. I was named after my mother’s sisters, Patricia & Carol. Around age 20, I realized that my brother could have been named after my father’s sisters, Frances & Merle. Alas, he was named Chris.
2. I am 1 year and 11/12’s older than my brother to the day. I am 3 1/3 years older than my boyfriend to the day. 26 is a good number in my life.
3. I have a phobia about plastic shower curtains
4. I consider myself a homemaker, though I don’t want children or a husband. I am happiest when I am cooking, canning, gardening and doing handyman projects.
5. I read varaciously, though mostly things that don’t tax my mind. When I finally finished Little Women, it was a bigger accomplishment than walking the Portland Marathon.
6. I’ve lived in all 4 continental time zones.
7. I don’t spell well, and suspect I have some sort of undiagnosed learning disorder, but have never been able to prove that.
8. My favorite two movies of all time are Singing in the Rain and Almost Famous.

Feel free to leave your 8 things in the comments section.

Did I mention I love comments? I do.

2 thoughts on “8 Random Things”

  1. Here are my personal random things – since the blog has Shawn and my shared random things! And I guess I should have included one that said that I LOVE comments on my blog too – but, hey, we are sisters in that way!!! 🙂

    1) I have a collection of bandaids (not used of course) – about 35 boxes (**wonder who started me on that one after buying me some zoo bandaids on our band trip to Cali!?! – Hee hee – look what an obsession you started!)
    2) My middle name is the same as my mom’s first name, hers is the same as my grandmother’s, and my grandmother’s is the same as my great grandmother’s – which makes me a bit depressed because I have yet to find a name that Sara sounds great with as a middle name
    3) They Might Be Giants is one of my favorite bands and I have seen them in concert multiple times
    4) I am completely addicted to potato chips and other fried potato products
    5) I really can’t stand onions, but somehow I like onion rings
    6) I was born with stick straight hair and after college it started to turn wavy and now it is definitely curly
    7) I drive a hybrid vehicle
    8) I love Broadway musicals and listen to Maximum Broadway an internet radio station at work whenever I can

  2. Hi Patricia! I enjoyed your 8 random things (so I thought I would not “blurk” and leave a comment). You and Sara have half tempted me to post – BUT I honestly have to put some serious thought into it – surprised by this?? I doubt it ( I just had a flashback of this “no one cares about your GPA) is that a good start to randomness? If you have no idea what I am talking about then please just disregard! April

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