Letters written June 1-10.

Despite my hope to write more often in June than in May, I didn’t start off so well. Half of these first days were spent not writing letters. I think the combination end of the school year (work) and end of the school year (math class) got to me. I got a 92 on my math final, though and I am very proud of that.

Sara once again rocked the letters mailed category, but then I get letters all the time from her. We seem to write enough we don’t have to email which I think is very cool in this modern world.

My friend Deborah’s partner Val was recently diagnosed with cancer and I am going to try to send her a little note every week or so. Everyone likes mail, (at least I haven’t found someone who doesn’t) so perhaps something every once in awhile in her mailbox will be nice.

1 June. Sara
2 June. Sara
**Letter back: LEX re: “college”
**Letter back: LEX Jacqueline
3 June. LEX Jacqueline
4 June. No one.
5 June. Deborah
**Letter back: Sara
6 June. No one.
7 June. No one.
8 June. No one.
9 June. Deborah.
**Letter back Sara.
10 June. No one.

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  1. I like the idea of notes to Deborah. I have stolen you “postcard-a-day” idea that you did in college? And sent targeted postcards each day to a handful of people that I thought could use a pick-me-up. Very nice! -S

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