Tata food.

I ate well in Hungary and Romania. Very well. The food there agrees with me–the vast quantities of meat and starch, served with a soup or salad, sat well on my stomach. Remembering that last time I went, the food was my favorite part, I took pictures of nearly everything I ate, much to the amusement of my traveling companions. Now I can not only tell you how good the food was, I have actual evidence.

After having ice cream and sampling a Hungarian elephant ear we went to a very nice restaurant overlooking the lake. I got a nice broth soup to start and then this arrived. It was turkey stuffed with farmer cheese and dill. It was delicious.
Ibolya got fish, which the waiter finished at the table. He was very efficient in removing the head and spine. I was impressed.
For dinner I got this “parfait” which was suggested by the waiter. I was expecting the layered dessert in a glass a la the USA, but this was a mousse-like concoction which was very, very good.

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