After a very good night’s sleep, Ibolya, Barnabas and I picked up Barnabas’ friend David and we drove to Tata, which is a town where Gyorgy has his surgery. Tata is not to be confused with Tatabanya, which is a different city entirely. Although, according to Wikipidea, Tatabanya is the county seat.

Tata has three lakes (so I’m told) a castle, and the day we visited, it had the fruit and flower festival. We walked through the castle area first but we were really on the way to get on this train. Boise residents will look at the picture and think “Tour train!
Ibolya and myself posing on the tour train.
David, Barnabas and Gyorgy with the lake in the background.
And on the tour train. (We got ice cream on the way there)
The tour train took us on a loop through the town. Here is a Hungarian gate. The gates in Hungary were seriously cool, we need to adopt this art form in the US.
A church along the train route.
Typical old building.
The train went into “English Park” and I saw another of the three lakes.
He doesn’t mind having his photo taken.
The Castle and the lake.
A closer view of the castle.
Barnabas visited Portland last year for three weeks so he was pretty familar with our icons. “We have a thing that is like the elephant ear, but savory” he told me. We got one and shared it among us. It was an elephant ear, but with cheese rather than cinnamon/sugar.
Inside a building there were flower arrangements and this fetching young woman.
Me posing by the John the Baptist statue.
We saw an exhibit of bonsai trees.
And this guy who made fruit and vegetables into very cool displays.
The food looked very good. This was the second pig I saw roasting on a stick.
A bunch of traditional foods were cooked here.
Should your pickled food smile at you? I vote yes.
Barnabas was interested in getting a bow so we stopped at this booth. The bow-maker had absolutely huge hands which I tried and failed to capture.
Here is Gyorgy’s surgery. I neglected to take pictures inside. He is an orthopedic surgeon and there were signed photos of athletes and dancers who have been his patients.
Barnabas on the phone.

ps. I found this cycling tour when googling other things for this post. It sounds fabulous. You should go.

3 thoughts on “Tata.”

  1. Lovely! I love the little happy pickled goodness. Additionally I like: the appearance of the tour train, the strange mannequin in green, and all of the lovely places you showed off. And, you look so happy! -S

  2. I have been searching for a gate design. We are hiring someone to build a gate to replace the mangy piece of plywood that keeps the short dog in the yard and I am supposed to submit a design. I think this one would do nicely.

    I also have to vote Yes on smiling pickled food.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Your trip sounds wonderful and the food… well, we’ve met, you know I love the food photos!

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