Three sentence movie reviews–500 Days of Summer

This movie gets points not only for its incredibly clever nature, but also for illustrating the inexplicable phenomenon of grown men* wearing normal t-shirts under their work button-down shirts instead of buying undershirts. It looks dumb and I don’t understand why it continues to happen. This is a different kind of romantic comedy as explained by the tag line** and I laughed hard at the first words on the first screen and audibly gasped at one part in this nearly perfect movie.

*the same grown men who wear normal t-shirts under their work button downs would probably enjoy this movie very, very much. After you see it together you can perhaps go and buy some undershirts. They are available everywhere.
**”This is not a love story. This is a story about love.”

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  1. I really loved this movie. Zoey Dechanel is so dang cute and I love her wardrobe in this movie. I am enjoying rom-coms that are not so cliches these days!

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