“Fuck your light and your bright jacket.”

The above was what was yelled at me tonight from a man in a car across Interstate Avenue while I was bicycling as fast as I could to yoga class. My first thought was, “was he making fun of me?” and my second was “was my light too bright in his eyes?” All in all, it seemed entirely unprovoked–I was on the completely opposite side of the street from him and there were Max tracks in between–and left me confused and unsettled.

This is my problem with communicating from cars while driving. Most of the time, I can only make out syllables a la adults on Peanuts. This man gets points for projection and clarity as I could understand every single word. Still. Not very nice.

One thought on ““Fuck your light and your bright jacket.””

  1. No, not nice at all. Hmmm…too bad you couldn't get his license plate and…well…I guess there is nothing to do…but you know what I mean.

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