Aprevecho Common House

Here’s a look at the common house which was not yet completed. The lumber to build the house was cut and milled on site and they have been working on the interior over the winter. There is a classroom upstairs, and downstairs is a big open space and room for the library. They have used natural finishes likes cobb and beeswax, so when we walked in, everything smelled amazing.

A look at one of the wall sconces and the ceiling of the classroom.

Another view of the staff houses (right, rear) and a cabin that was there when the property was first purchased. One of the interns lives in there now.

A look at the layers of the common house.

Abel shows us their new cistern. Rainwater from the common house is piped into this cistern and then is used to water the plants in the summer. Permaculture theory encourages at least two sources for things, just in case one becomes unavailable. So for water, they currently have running city water and also a creek they could use if they have to. Now that they have the cistern, they have one more way to get clean water. They would like to have a series of cisterns to supply all of their water needs, eventually.

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