Today’s the day! Kenton Library!

My first look at the Kenton Library. I love it! It is small but beautiful.

The Fiction section. This takes up half of one of the side walls.

A look at the ceiling. This is not a flattering shot–I was feeling shy with my camera–but the library’s website tells me that this is a barrel ceiling. When seen in person it looks a lot less “home remodel” than this picture implies.

My favorite part of visiting today was the fact that there were two of nearly every book in the fiction section. I’m sure that once people start checking out books it won’t look like this for long.

This cart is a new feature they are piloting at this branch and one other. It’s called “Lucky Day” and it features books with massive amounts of holds. If you come to the library, you might find a book that you have on hold. You, gleefully excited, can check it out for three weeks. There are no renewals, and you can only have two lucky day books at once. I am VERY excited about the Lucky Day cart. I did not take home the Sarah Palin book.

In fact, I was gleefully excited to find this book, which I had on hold. Based on the number in the queue I was, and the number of copies the library carries, it was going to be a long wait. Instead, I took it home with me today.

The teen (YA in library-speak) section is up front and they had many copies of all the Twilight books strategically placed in the window as bait.

The library also has laptops to check out , a huge “media” collection (DVDs, CDs, etc) a very large children’s section and a 32 capacity meeting room. I can tell already that I am going to like this library.

3 thoughts on “Today’s the day! Kenton Library!”

  1. Oh Caloo! Callay! You already know how I feel about the fabulous library near us! I love that it was your lucky day! Do they have separate lucky day books for kids/YA? Since they are my main sections of the library I would hope so. Why no pics of children's section. You knew your Sara fan would be looking! Very exciting opening!

  2. Hmm. You bring up a good point about the lack of Lucky Day cart for the children's/YA section. Maybe because they don't have as many holds. I'll ask my librarian friend.

    RE: no pictures of the children's section. See above about being shy with the camera.

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