Changing Libraries

When I moved to Portland in late 2001, I got myself a library card before I got a driver’s license. Since that point, the Central Library has always been “my” library. At the time, I lived downtown, but even when Matt and I relocated to close-in Southwest, the Central Library was still the one for me. When we moved to North Portland, miles and miles from the Central Library, it was still the one I visited the most, due to the fact that I could stop by after church, as the library was located conveniently between church and my Max stop.

Until this month North Portland had two libraries: one located only a bit out of the way (North Portland Branch on Killingsworth) and one located fairly far away (St. John’s Branch.) But this week, North Portland gets a new library located right in my neighborhood. One could say that it was located around the corner from me, depending on how you draw your corners.

So today, during the week of the Kenton Library‘s opening, I changed “my” library from Central to Kenton. It was both a sad and happy moment.

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  1. I can see how that would be bittersweet. I never really understand how fantastic a real branch system could be – since Boise doesn't really have one (well – they didn't – but I know that were planning to move that direction)- until we moved to Arlington. We have no permanent info for holds – you just have to add the branch as you hold. It would be nice to be able to designate it once.

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