Abandoned shop

So downtown Kenton, home of the empty or derelict shops, has been getting a bit fancier over the past few years. There’s the Library, which is fabulous and there are also several restaurants as well as an alternative health clinic/flower shop, a scrapbooking store, a home brew shop and a children’s clothing resale shop. I’ve heard that in the past few decades, a lot of landlords just used their shop buildings as storage space or let the spaces sit empty. With so many good things happening., it was only a matter of time before someone turned on the old way. The following sign in the store next door to the library caught my eye.
However, the author of said sign, also included a way for people to make suggestions of what they would like to see in this space. As you can see, people had a lot of suggestions.

The interior space.

A sign of previous prosperous times:

The exterior

It has been fun to watch the transformation of Kenton, even in just the three years I’ve been here. I shall look forward to seeing if the sign has any results.

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  1. Lovely. I think a cupcake shop or bakery would be a nice fit there. Not really surprising, huh? 🙂 Maybe and extension from The Pearl! 🙂

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