Kelly and I do a Portland City Walk

It was cold and rainy the morning Kelly and I planned to do a Portland City Walk. By the time our walk time came around it had stopped raining and the sun was even shining. So out we set. We did the Buckman/Kerns walk which was fun until it started raining and blowing again. Once the pages of the book were soaked, we cut the walk short and headed for home, dry clothes, grilled cheese and a bad movie. But before that?

An odd combo, but one that might come in handy.
This tree has bent toward the east.
A nicely preserved gingerbread house.
Detail of the detail.

One thought on “Kelly and I do a Portland City Walk”

  1. I love those sweet gingerbread houses. So fun that you found one that looks great. I like that its is not Popsicle colors – those are nice, but I like this understated form! 🙂

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