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This movie combines the best ideas from the movie Groundhog’s Day and the TV show Quantum Leap* to create a taunt action flick that also brings up bigger questions such as what it is to be human and alive. Directed by the same man who brought us the fabulous movie Moon, (and if we continue to get a quality story from him every two years, I will be a happy lady) this is a very well crafted movie with excellent acting. It has the bonus of leaving you with something to discuss with your movie going companion on the way home, so don’t miss it.

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*Quantum Leap fans, don’t miss the Scott Bakula voice cameo! It comes near the end.

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Source Code”

  1. I also really enjoyed this movie. Same with Moon. Here, here for more of the same!

    *Suddenly it seems I am using the wrong here -why is that? Am i gong nuts this morning, or just seeing it in a new light… And I think I always do it that way! Here is the wiki post…what a revelation!

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