Just one thing mission one completed

I envisioned “just one thing” as running Sunday through Saturday, but Saturday came and went and I still hadn’t gotten the dryer vent tube. But I figure that I posted the original post on a Monday, so a task completed on Sunday still falls within the “week” qualifications. And on Sunday I completed my task. Dryer vent hose was bought, installed and the old one made its way to the trash can.

My “just one thing” task for this week: Goodwill run. I’ve got a ton of stuff to go.

4 thoughts on “Just one thing mission one completed”

  1. Excellent! My just one thing? Put away the accumulation of clothing on the chair near my closet. It has some items in it that I wore 2 weeks ago! Yesterday, it was accomplished. Last night, the clothes I wore to the symphony (yes, highly populated by white hairs and those who need walkers) also made their way into the closet. If the seed for depositing clothes is there…
    I had been pecking away at the pile all week, but last night. Done!

  2. Seriously! 🙂 When Shawn was at rehearsal for choir, I went shopping for part 2 of my 4 part couponing extravaganza. Do demanding as well! 🙂 I'm addicted!

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