The debut of “Just one thing”

The house has been overwhelming me lately. I’m finding it hard to keep a basic level of “clean” much less all the little niggly things: the fan in the bathroom needs a scrubbing, there’s that cobweb still hanging in the middle of the living room, the vacuum cleaner needs to get serviced, etc. etc.

So each week, I’m going to do just one thing per week. Ideally it will be on top of the weekly cleaning of the house, but if I don’t get to cleaning the house, I don’t. Matt tends to chip away at the cleaning each weekend anyway, even if he doesn’t get all the way through the official list. I’ll post my “one thing” on Sunday and update when I have done it. I will not make a list of five “one things,” I will just do one thing. Because right now nothing is getting done. And if I can do four things in a month, that will be a great improvement.
My “one thing” this week? Buy a new dryer exhaust tube. Ours broke (well actually, I was cleaning the lint out of it and accidentally stuck my finger through it making a lovely hole which I temporarily fixed with packing tape topped with duct tape*) and there is a lot of dryer use in the house. I can see how the temporary fix could go on for months. But it won’t. Because this is my one thing.
*and yes, I know that you shouldn’t use duct tape for ducts anymore. It was just what we had on hand.

4 thoughts on “The debut of “Just one thing””

  1. I like the just one thing concept. I think we too could have a win-win from adopting this methodology. And why not use duct tapes for ducts, what is wrong with it?

  2. I can't remember exactly why no duct tape on ducts, maybe it looses its adhesion when it gets hot? They have come up with a better product now.

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