Three sentence movie reviews: Battleship

Another for-free flick, this was quite enjoyable mostly because it wasn’t very good, but we expected that, seeing as how Hasbro (a-hem: toy manufacturer) is the first title card they put on the screen.  I thought that, aside from Alexander Skarsgard who was a horrible actor, Rihanna was incredibly awful and I spent a lot of time wondering why they didn’t hire some nice black actress who could act and actually needed the money, while Matt was not too bothered by the both of them and couldn’t stand real-life Iraq hero Gregory D. Gadson who I thought was fine.  So there’s a possibility that this might be a good movie after all for just the right person, although it’s a slim possibility indeed.

Instead of watching Battleship, watch How it Should Have Ended: Transformers Play Battleship.

ps.  I chose this poster because my friend is having a “thing” for Taylor Kitsch that parallels my Chris Hemsworth thing.

4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Battleship”

  1. When I saw the title, I was seriously WTF over you seeing this movie. Then I read that you saw it for free. I'm glad. I haven't seen it, but I can completely imagine how awful it is.

  2. Really bad, yes, but crossing over to an entertaining way. In fact, I enjoy seeing really bad movies (when I don't have to pay money, or much money) more than I enjoy seeing so-so movies like 50/50. There's just so much to talk about. Matt however, just was annoyed by the whole thing. He does not like watching really bad movies.

  3. I love the Transformers play battleship! That was an awesome way to make this 3 sentence review of a bad movie even more awesome. Was it free because you were staying in the hotel?

  4. It was indeed free because we were staying the hotel. The only movie we missed was Hunger Games because Matt argued that we had seen it already. I would have gone, but we were pretty busy.

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