Three sentence movie reviews: Winter’s Bone

I watch a lot of movies and every once in awhile a movie hits the sweet spot and leaves me with an elated feeling that lasts a few days.  This was such a movie and I highly recommend it, all those quotes on the poster are spot-on.     It transported me to a world I (thankfully) don’t know, it had amazing acting (much of it done by normal looking people) the story was gripping, and the lives shown were depicted in such a matter-of-fact fashion that I simply experienced the movie it happened and then spent a lot of time thinking about it after.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Winter’s Bone”

  1. Was Jennifer Lawrence good in her role? She was so good as Katniss I am associating her with that role almost completely in my mind. She seems like she is a fine actress and could do other roles quite a bit of justice.

  2. She was great. I think she's a steady "get the role done" actress. Shawn Leavy (Oregonian Movie guy) made the joke when Hunger Games came out that everyone would now watch Winter's Bone as a sort of background story to the Hunger Games. The movies are similar in that both main characters face grinding poverty and something tough to overcome, but Hunger Games is more big and Hollywood while Winter's Bone is much more quieter and, in my opinion, goes deeper. It was a really fabulous film.

    I first saw Jennifer Lawrence in X-Men first class where she played Raven/Mystique. (The one who changed forms) She was good in that too.

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