Requiem: Bread & Circus Sweatshirt

I worked for Bread and Circus Whole Foods Market for a few years at the turn of the century.  Every once in awhile, the managers would roll around a cart full of t-shirt or sweatshirts and every employee would get one.  It was a nice perk.  I’ve been wearing this one for a good ten years now, much longer than I ever worked for the company.  I’ve held on to it because it’s easy to throw on over anything, and, it’s a reminder of my time at the Fresh Pond Bread and Circus.  The color has faded a bit, but it was always a weird shade of blue.  I suspect they may have gotten a discount on a bad dye lot.  There are bleach stains and oil stains and paint from projects and at least one hole.  The neck is frayed and the sweatshirt just keeps on trucking.
Today is its last day, though.
I’ll save the logos, and say goodbye to the rest.

One thought on “Requiem: Bread & Circus Sweatshirt”

  1. Good bye well loved cover. I know I said this before. It's still interesting to me that I could not understand the concept of this store outside of the coop. Now it is common place to my understanding. Ah progress.

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