Three sentence movie reviews: Side Effects

This movie was chock full of great acting by Rooney Mara and Jude Law* and a twisty, turn-y plot that I advise you to do your best not to discover any part of before you enter the theater.  Immediately after the movie I wasn’t quite sure how I felt due to the many plot twists, but after lively discussion with the movie-going companion of the day, I decided I liked it.  I don’t really want to think that Mr. Soderbergh will


 stop making movies, but if so, this was a good one to end with.

Where watched:  Regal City Center Stadium 12

Cost:  Free, thanks to the generous folks at Pike Schemes.

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*sadly, Mr. Tatum’s performance was awful due to massive amounts of jaw-clenching (he’s regressed, just when he was doing so well) and declaim-off-of-cue-cards-type acting.  Catherine Zeta-Jones was also painful to watch.  That said, this was still a good movie.

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  1. Jan. Yes indeed, that was one of my problems with this movie. If you ever see it, I'll tell you another of my problems. I can tell you now that it was a plot twist and one I found to be a bit of an eye roll. But I still liked the movie!

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