Singles! We think you are totally stupid.

There are many reasons to be happy I am in a relationship, but today’s reason is that I don’t have to take this dreck personally.  Really?  Texting can create misunderstandings in the dating game?  I had no idea.

And this incredibly annoying advice that completely plays into gender roles:

Allow me to translate:
Women!  Uncross those arms!  Only the manly men are allowed to tuck their hands into their sides!
Women!  If you don’t turn toward your date, he won’t know you are interested!  This implies that 1)men are not responsible for assuring their dates they are interested or 2) guys always turn their shoulders toward women when they talk.
Women!  If you talk to much to your lady friends, how is the guy ever supposed to know you like him?
Women!  Don’t forget that you must smile because that’s your job!
Women!  Be sure to touch him a lot.
Men!  Nothing ain’t going to happen unless you take the lead.
Men!  Did you hear us about taking the lead? No?  Well we are saying it again so you hear it this time.
Men!  We only had two things for you to do so we will say something inane about texting here to kind of even the advice out.

The thing is, this is all good advice for both genders.  I don’t see why it has to specify one over the other.

2 thoughts on “Singles! We think you are totally stupid.”

  1. I find the whole article odd. And then the gender specificity of it, makes it downright annoying. Well pointed out!

  2. Ugh. If both genders could just "man up" and admit when they're interested in someone, there would be no need to read "signals." Also, this article makes me feel stabby. Guess it's a good thing I'm already taken; wouldn't want the men to know I have a strong personality.

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