Okay, there’s a new uniform plan afoot.  The following two pictures are of the Laurel, by Colette Patterns.  I have plans this summer to make two dresses and two tops, but with a cute “small ruffle” variation and no pockets on the dress, and this will comprise the core of my new uniform.  The dresses/shirts will be in the same material, most likely a neutral, and I will get some black pants to wear with the shirts and black leggings to wear with the dresses.  But the exciting part will be that I will also sew a fun apron to wear over the ensemble!

I already wear an apron at work.  Because there are not reliable pockets in womens’ clothing, early on I adopted the basic three-pocket waitress apron to hold my work walkie talkie, keys and a few pens.  But I’ve decided to break out of the boring three-pocket apron and make some very cool ones to go with my uniform.  So I’ve been doing apron research.  You can come along with me.

I love the cherries and the piping on this one.  I’m looking for a full-front apron.

Nice bias tape here.
This is beautiful.
I like the pinafore look here and the fun pockets.
Kind of minimalist.
Very schoolmarm.
This princess seaming is great.
Very bright!
Very mod!
I love the bottom of these, and the chevrons.
Another good princess-seamed bias tape candidate.
So 1930’s cute.  But would probably make my hips look very substantial.
Here are the two books these came from.

What are your favorites?

One thought on “Aprons”

  1. Exciting! Can't wait to see the new uniform process.

    I like the chevrons, the minimalist 2-pocket, and the red pinafore style one. If they were for cooking I would want more above the waist coverage, but as they are add on pockets, you have more flexibility.

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