City of Roses Motel. Buttoning up.

All of the wooden awnings have been squared off and the south side of the work site’s framing has been covered.

I’m interested in what these big indentations are going to turn out to be.  There is more than one of them.  Recessed mini-courtyard?

The north side of the site has these big beams going in, which leads me to believe that I’m right about this part having more stories than the south side. Also the constructed nature of those big beams is prompting me to tell you that in my work building, all those big beams are solid wood. Because my work building was built when they were still cutting the old growth and it was no thing to mill huge beams like that.

I’m pretty good with spacial relations, but I can’t quite figure out the configuration of the space without walking through it.

2 thoughts on “City of Roses Motel. Buttoning up.”

  1. This is like a slowly unfolding mystery! It’s kind of exciting. Just today Dan and I were talking about construction materials and I realized how much this series has informed my knowledge of this topic.

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