My favorite pictures of Jilt

You can read more about the benefit fundraiser here.  But I thought I would share some of my favorite photos.

This would be the establishing shot, not a favorite photo.  You can read more about Jilt by clicking here.

“The keyboardist looks like he could have actually been on tour with Journey” my friend Kelly quipped.  She was not wrong.  Not only did he have the look, he was also incredibly talented.

Were I to have a stage style, I might emulate the look of the vest/fedora that the bassist is sporting.

Keyboardist and the “fir” that give the Doug Fir its name.

An homage to Jimi during “Let me stand next to your fire.”

A blurry shot (we’ll just pretend it was smoke) of the drummer/backing vocalist.

A solitary watcher.

Sunglasses in the sound booth.

Chilled out photographer.

Hand stretching across the frame.

Good camaraderie and nice harmonies.

Self portrait.

Band and light show.

2 thoughts on “My favorite pictures of Jilt”

  1. I’m quite liking the hat/fedora ensemble. I’ve always been impressed by drummers who provide vocals. Drumming takes a lot of energy. They must be very fit to be able to drum and sing without being out of breath.

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