Letter from Aunt Carol

If the tell-tale sign of Aunt Carol’s handwriting didn’t tip me off the address label (free from some nonprofit) would.

Inside, a note from my aunt and a folded piece of paper.  I recognize the paper.

It’s computer scratch paper.  Growing up we had tons of it.  I’m not really sure why random symbols were printed out, but Dad would bring it home as scratch paper from his job as a principal.  This is actually the good computer scratch paper because you could tear off the dots.  The previous generation had dots that were not perforated and you had to use scissors to remove them.

And inside a picture and a story.

What a fun blast from the past.

4 thoughts on “Letter from Aunt Carol”

  1. I like that we can like the post without having to write some dorky comment. (Such as this one!) I think your note to your Aunt was adorable, and to have the whole thing returned to you the same way, priceless.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is delightful on so many levels. The handwritten note from your aunt. The old school computer paper with the piles of symbols. And, of course the story to go with your picture!

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