45RPM: 59th St. Bridge Song

Where I match a song to a specific memory

Sometimes I fall in love with a song, associate that song with a person and then because that song is imprinted on the person, I have a special place in my heart for that person.  I think the first time this happened with with Simon and Garfunkel’s “59th St. Bridge Song”, also known as “Feeling Groovy”

I had never heard it until a talent show in fifth or sixth grade.  But B., a boy who was (and is) a really good singer, wanted to sing it for the show and he recruited four or five other girls to sing it with him.  I was not one of them, though I wanted to be.  I loved a lot about this song, the nonsense melody ending in “feelin’ Groovy”, I loved how simple it was, and sweet.  The group even did some choreography to fit the singing and it looked great.  When I hear this song today, or sing it myself, I can still picture some of the choreography.

B. has grown up to be an outstanding guy.  And I will always remember him as a 12-year-old boy singing, “slow down, you move too fast.”

2 thoughts on “45RPM: 59th St. Bridge Song”

  1. How very sweet. I think I say this for all of your 45RPM posts, but it amazes me how music can do that for you. It's like a time machine in that way.

  2. Awww, so cute. A college roommate and I loved Simon & Garfunkel and probably played their greatest hits album to death, although I've never been big on this particular song. Amusing fun fact: she and I always referred to them as "Petey & Artie" and it took me literally YEARS to realize that Paul Simon's first name is Paul and so the nickname was incorrect. Haha!

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