And her husband?


It struck me as I read the umpteenth update about the Malheur Refuge Occupation that I see the naming of insergents go in this order:

…thatdude, age, AND HIS WIFE, hername, age, of city…

Sometimes it was something to the effect of:

…married couple thatdude and hername…

I never once saw it in this order:

…hername, age, AND HER HUSBAND, thatdude, age, of city…

It’s a small thing, always listing the wife second and as a possession of the husband. ¬†But it’s also a big thing. ¬†Either switch up the order, so half the time the husband comes second and is a possession of his wife, or just go with “married couple”.

3 thoughts on “And her husband?”

  1. It is such a good point. I wonder how they report about Hillary Clinton. Do they use the AND HER HUSBAND Bill?

  2. It’s one of the many ways that men are still shown to be valued more highly than women, and most people probably wouldn’t notice it, or if they did, they wouldn’t think anything of it. We have a long way to go yet.

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