Cupcakes and frosting roses for mom’s birthday.

My mom wanted almond-flavored cupcakes for her birthday, and thus I made them.  I have tidied my way to owning just one muffin tin, so I only made 12 cupcakes.*   So I made a small cake with the rest.  And then got carried away with the frosting part.  Those are the first frosting roses I’ve made since I took the cake decorating class when I was 14 or something.**  My grandmother could make frosting roses.  She was a cake decorator before she got married.  I used her flower nails, which are the base where you build the rose.  Hers are made of wood, not metal or plastic like the ones in the tutorials.  This was also fun, using tools that my grandmother had used.IMG_5039

Overall, the frosting was great.  The cake was a little dense, probably because I had trouble understanding done-ness.

*Plus, what was I going to do with 24 cupcakes? The new workplace really doesn’t eat sugar. Three boxes of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies stayed on the table unopened for two weeks.  And even then, they weren’t eaten, they were eventually moved to snacks drawer.
**More evidence that I’ve always been a middle-aged woman at heart.

5 thoughts on “Cupcakes and frosting roses for mom’s birthday.”

  1. I think it is also wonderful that you can use something that your grandmother once used. I think the only thing that I really have from my grandmother’s is a rolling pin. It sits in the drawer. Period.

  2. 24 cupcakes definitely seems excessive, unless you’re having a big party. The roses are beautiful. It’s so lovely that you got to utilize something of your grandmother’s. I’d like to think that would make her very happy.

    In other news, my mind is boggled that you work with people who don’t eat sugary treats. o.O

    1. The general disinterest in sugar drives me crazy! Plus there is one woman who is a vegan. That pretty much kills all the things I bring to work to share. They’ll never know me for my cooking.

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