Awesome clock at PDX

I procrastinated a lot getting ready for my vacation, at one point thinking, “Why am I going somewhere else?  It’s so much work!”  But I eventually got around to getting everything done and by the time I found myself at the airport (thanks Matt, for dropping me off) and made it through security, my mood rapidly improved.  PDX is awesome!  They had a piano player right outside of security and his cheery take on “Ode to Joy” calmed my frazzled nerves.  And I noticed this amazing clock!   It’s a tremendous specimen and I had a great time studying all the details.IMG_3668

Then I found the poster with the explanations.   IMG_3669Also, the Portland Airport has Cafe Yumm!  I love Cafe Yumm and bought an Edamame Bowl to eat on my flight.

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