Things to do while waiting for your flight.

Wonder if the company in charge of the Jantzen Beach redevelopment planned from the beginning to lose the historic carousel.  Get grumpy. IMG_3675

Walk the secret hallway between the D-E and the A-B-C gates.  Enjoy how deserted it is. IMG_3670

Covertly watch this mother and son entertain themselves pre-flight, by taking pictures.  Enjoy how the son narrates his thought process as to why he was taking the pictures.


7 thoughts on “Things to do while waiting for your flight.”

    1. I think it was something along the lines of, “I want to get the plane and the background and also the luggage.”

  1. Wait, I’ve seen that carousel. It was rather large. How did it get “lost”? Like, was it on a cargo ship that went down in the ocean or something? Is it boxed up in that hangar inside Area 51 that they showed at the beginning of the latest Indiana Jones movie? This is reminding me a lot of the lady I knew whose cats (that she didn’t want) “ran away” while she was moving states.

    1. It turns out that the property management company DOES know where the carousel is. Apparently it’s being stored in a climate controlled environment. The company never answered any of the O’s requests for information so the O reported that no one knew where it is. Plans are supposedly still being developed as to how best to house the historic treasure. I don’t really believe that they are, though. It’s just sitting in storage until they can dispose of it.

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