Interesting people on my flight.

Dude. What the hell is that?
This was the question I didn’t ask, but rather took a picture on the sly. Although I didn’t have to be that sly because while the mouth and nose are free, the eyes are covered.
The flight attendant wanted answers too.  “I gotta ask.” she said eventually.
The guy said it was called the Ostrich and that they were really popular.
“I fly all the time,” she said, “and I have never seen anything like that.”IMG_3676

When I got to Minneapolis, I said to Sara and Shawn, “I gotta show you the thing the guy on my flight was wearing.  It was weird.”

“What if it was that Ostrich thing in the SkyMall catalog” Sara said. It was! And we both marveled at the craziness.

Since the SkyMall catalog doesn’t exist anymore in flight, I’ve included this link, so you can purchase your own.  But people are going to stare.

This woman spent the entire PDX to DEN flight going over song lyrics.  I assume she was a singer.  She had this “You sing the songs of Taylor Dane” printout that was very interesting to me.  But I can’t find an example of it with quick googling.


4 thoughts on “Interesting people on my flight.”

  1. I’m still laughing over this one. I have longed to see someone who “feel” for them, I mean purchased this hilarious contraption! It’s popular! Ha! You keep telling yourself that, buddy!

  2. I have no idea who Taylor Dane is. Will google after completing comment. That Ostrich thing doesn’t look the least bit comfortable. It’s like one of those old timey scuba diving helmets.

    1. Tell it to my heart, tell me I’m the only one is this really love or just a game?

      The first time I saw Tig Notaro she did a bit about the many times she ran into Taylor Dane. It was awesome.

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