Badass Cross Stitch Sampler No. 6

Tassels! So fun! I’d not done them before.

The stitches this time were:

  • Knotted ladder (purple)
  • Pistil (pink)
  • Cable chain (teal)
  • Love chain (yellow)
  • Tassels (blue) with needle weaving cap (pink)
  • Bullion (blue, small near the tassels)

This was one where I finished and was glad that most of these just get rolled up in a “Done!” tube.

I didn’t love the color choices I made. It’s one of Stich Palettes color combos. I like the individual colors, but I don’t like how it all hung together for this.

Of the stiches I only really loved the cable chain. The knotted ladder I ended up cutting out and redoing and I still didn’t love it. The pistil stitch will come in handy in the future though.

For the needle weaving with the tassels, I watched the video and then let three days go by before I attempted. I think the result speaks for itself.

Also, I don’t love how my lettering turned out.

It’s all an experiment though, so good lessons learned. And it seems I’m better a bullion stitch (the one stitch I’d done before) than Shannon is. So that’s fun.

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