The Fever by Northwest Classical Theater Collaborative

The Northwest Classical Theater Collaborative (which once upon a time we knew as the Northwest Classical Theater Company) performed Wallace Shawn’s The Fever and I reserved a ticket. The collaborative staged the play in a variety of locations. I attended a performance at the Lloyd Center, in the former Victoria’s Secret store.

Before the play started, I took a loop around the first floor of the mall. The Lloyd Center hasn’t fared well in the pandemic and very few stores remain. It was nearly deserted on a Sunday evening, so deserted that the cleaners had already started sweeping the main drag 15 minutes before closing time.

Loop finished, I headed into the theater. It was a long walk from the front of the store to where the play was.

Having taken that walk, I really liked how they used the bones of the old Victoria’s Secret store for their stage.

There were about ten people present for the performance, which was directed by Patrick Walsh and starred Paul Susi as the main character.

I wasn’t familiar with this play and found it churned up quite a bit of feelings.

Thanks to the NWCTC for another good performance and unique setting.

At the end, we all exited together through the service corridor (another fun thing about this performance.)

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