Colette Patterns Moneta: 90% finished!

So fast!  So satisfying!
My main thing I learned with the Mabel and the Moneta is how awesome Wonder Tape is.  Here I have marked where the tape should go.

And here I have affixed the tape. Next I pulled off the top layer, pressed the edge to the tape et voila!  Sleeve hem is held securley in place (no pins!) while I sew the hem.

I’m wasn’t really sure what was going on here.  My guess is that I could have used a bit more ease at the waist (these patterns have negative ease, because of the stretch of the knit fabric).  It also might be a case of my serger not being properly adjusted for tension.  I solved this problem by reinforcing the seam with my regular sewing machine.

Look at this dress!  It still needs a hem, but it came out really well.

Side view. There are pockets!

Closeup of my neckline hemming.  That’s done with a twin needle.  The Wonder Tape, aside from holding the hem in place, also stabilizes it, so it doesn’t stretch.

I made notes of things to remember for the pattern.  I’ve decided to make this year’s uniform dresses with this same pattern, so I’ll go over these notes in the construction of those dresses.

Waiting for a hem.

One thing the dress needs is a tag, or other such thing to indicate which side is the back.  I’ve sewn in a little flower I pulled off my bra during my teenage years.

2 thoughts on “Colette Patterns Moneta: 90% finished!”

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fantastic. It is a truly adorable dress that suits you very well. How nice that the uniform dress will come together so quickly. That will make it ever so much easier to build the uniform and have it to wear ASAP. I will repeat again, the color banding is PERFECT!!!

  2. Super cute! And you did such a great job with the stripes! Are the rest of your uniforms going to be this colorful?

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