Colette Patterns Moneta: Cutting and bodice.

Here’s my layout.  I tried to make intelligent decisions about where colors of stripes would fall.  This time I traced around the pattern with a marking pen, then removed the pattern and cut out the materiel. My scissors are so dull!

And here is the bodice. 

They weren’t kidding about it coming together quickly.

3 thoughts on “Colette Patterns Moneta: Cutting and bodice.”

  1. I am so excited to see this reveal (on my next tab…hee hee). The color aligning that you did seems simply perfect!!!! And such a speedy design. I rather love your vision for this project! The color is so fun! And it seems like a very friendly and easy care fabric.

  2. Julie found the fabric. She was initially taken by the weight of it (it's very heavy for a knit.) But her initial comment was, "this is hideous!" To which, in the style of how we move through the fabric store, I said, "I kind of like it." She decided she did like it, commenting that it looked like a sheen of gasoline on a puddle.

    Julie is my hem lady and her mother and mother-in-law were there for the hemming. That was my first taste of how successful this dress was, because I came out and they both gasped. Then, while Julie was marking my hem, her mother said, "it's like the sunset and the land and the ocean all in one." It was very cute.

  3. So smart of you to check how the various stripes fall! That's the kind of thing I probably wouldn't think to do but then it would drive me nuts if they fell in a way I didn't like. My low level OCD would kick in. Also, this is so colorful! It's going to look great on you.

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