Cutting and marking uniform dresses.

My good technique of what to do with material after you take out out of the dryer, but before you are ready to cut it.

I tried rolling it to preserve the matched selvages.  It was a so-so solution. Sentinel supervises.

Laying out the material.  There are two pieces because I didn’t buy enough the first go-round leaving me nervous for the next few days until I could get back to the fabric store.  Happily, this is a very nondescript fabric, so it was still there.  Also, in the longer strip of material, I have marked a point in the fabric with two clothespins.  This was because I didn’t notice one of those little plastic tag things (the kinds that carry the price tags on most clothing) before I washed and dried this material and said little plastic thing caused a huge snag.  So I had to work around that.  It was fine, though.  I had enough.

I am trying a new marking tool this time:  The Clover Pen.
My review?  Best marking device I’ve come across. And I’ve tried a lot.  It’s full of chalk (you can get blue, yellow and pink, plus refills) and at the bottom is a tiny little wheel which rolls along the fabric and spits out a fine line of chalk.  It would get clogged at times, because of the fabric, but I couple of good taps cleared the clog.  This will become my go-to marking pen for the foreseeable future.

3 thoughts on “Cutting and marking uniform dresses.”

  1. That's a really smart idea for keeping the fabric wrinkle-free after you've washed it! How many dresses are you making? It seems like a lot of fabric. That marking pen is pretty snazzy.

  2. I haven't really captured how awesome that pen was. Spendy (~10.00) but totally worth it. There will be (or now are) three dresses. I do laundry on Wednesday night, so three is the magic number for uniforms. Though when pants are a part of the uniform, I just go with two pair and repeat a day.

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