3 thoughts on “First look: uniform dresses.”

  1. The way this is shot, it looks very futuristic, like a still from a sci fi movie. I like the fabric. Is it less brown than it looks in the pic? I didn't think you were a fan of brown.

  2. I can hear the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey playing right now.

    It is very brown. And you are right, I haven't been much of a brown girl in my life. I find that is changing now, bit by bit. Plus, when one is buying 8 & 5/8 yards of material, and one is watching her pennies, one must limit oneself to the Outdoor Fabric sale choices. It was between this and a pink and grey tiny striped thing that I thought would be too cold in the winter. It's a pretty bland color, but I have the bright aprons to liven things up. It has really good texture, though.

  3. I was noticing the texture and thinking that it gave the brown some nice visual interest. I quite like brown paired with some nice shades of blue and accented with pink as well.

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