Findings on the road. Road collage

I love this space-age sink at one of the rest stops on I-84.
Stopping in Bend, I see that a historic building was once owned by the Woodmen of the World.
I first learned about them last year when Matt and I were on vacation and found one of their distinctive tree-stump gravestones in a cemetery.
Random photos from the road.  No looking because I was driving. I just pointed and clicked.  I can’t get enough of the high desert.  It’s so beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Findings on the road. Road collage”

  1. OMG!! We see those log headstones too and always find them so interesting. I forgot that you posted about them as well! I love the road pics collage. I find it beautiful, too! Many people don't understand, but high desert has its own stark and lovely beauty!

  2. There's something about the desert I really love as well. I know it's not the "high" desert, but I thought Arizona was stunning when we drove through. I wouldn't want to live there though.

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