Four weeks, one notepad.


Today is the last day of my fourth week of work and it seems I’ve also completed this notepad.  Work is going well, and I’ve been enjoying learning new things.  The notes above pertain to editing a PowerPoint, where I created a boatload of charts from the data acquired in a phone survey.  The post-it note on my monitor is from my co-worker, as a handy reminder of how charts in reports are centered.  This is the last week of PC usage for this office, though.  Next week we switch over to the other side of the computer divide and everyone gets a MacBook Pro.

3 thoughts on “Four weeks, one notepad.”

  1. Are you finding the work interesting? I hope the transition to Mac is an easy one, and I hope you enjoy working on them!

    1. I like work a lot. The work is interesting in that it keeps my brain occupied and doesn’t give me much chance for my brain to go off in the spiral of frustration that I could be doing something else that is more interesting. There’s a lot of number and grammar checking that takes my full brain. Plus it’s interesting, hearing what people have to say about things. I just polished up verbatim responses to a survey for a city that’s a suburb of Washington and hearing what respondents had to say (and fixing their spelling and lack of capitalization) was very interesting.

      The transition to Mac has not been an easy one. I don’t think it’s the platform we should be using anyway. All our work is done in Microsoft Office, so now we are using Microsoft Office for Mac, which has its problems. Plus, I’m befuddled as to why Mac enthusiasts think they are better computers. On Wednesday, I had to restart five times because of freezing issues. Too much freezing was the reason I got rid of my iMac in 2000 after less than a year of use. It’s interesting to note that that issue hasn’t been fixed 15 years later.

      I have no need to get into a word war of “Macs are superior”/”No they aren’t”. I just know that my productivity has suffered since the adoption and I’m currently tracking that loss of time.

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