Portland Fit Sashiko T-quilt block completed.


I have completed my first block in my t-quilt.  Doing this block of Sashiko embroidery has taught me that this will be a very, very long project.  This t-shirt is five movies worth of work time.  Knowing that, I have sorted and prioritized my t-shirts and will first embroider the shirts from high school and college.  Which means this is really block zero and the next shirt I do will be the first block in the t-quilt.  If and when I finish that quilt I will start on the post-college t-shirts.

I’m pretty happy how this turned out. It doesn’t look super professional, but it’s doing what it should, namely holding the stretchy t-shirt to the solid block of fabric behind it.

5 thoughts on “Portland Fit Sashiko T-quilt block completed.”

  1. I think it looks pretty awesome myself. And not easy. But cool that it can be altered to fit whatever is on the block itself!

  2. Really fancy! Neither of my two (gifted) t-shirt quilts have that fancy of stitching. One is over quilted by a machine (BHS) and the other is just together without over quilting (my elementary school one).


  3. Did you do this by hand? It’s impressive either way, but if it’s by hand, wow! It looks great to me, but even if it didn’t, who wants a quilt that looks super professional?

    1. Done by hand! I’ve recently learned that there is now a machine that stitches in Sashiko style, which cracks me up.

      It’s pretty finger-intensive. I need to make a thimble for my thumb because it gets a groove in it from pulling the needle through the fabric.

      I also need the thread I ordered off of Etsy to come so I can finish the block I’ve been almost done with for more than a month. The seller said she was in Anaheim, CA, but was actually located in South Korea. Grrrr.

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