Friday Project and how to stay cool in the heat.

The Friday Project this week was hemming two pair of new pants I bought. I found great tutorials here and here.  I also took up the shoulders in a shirt I purchased.   IMG_3656

It’s hot, especially for Portland. If I can keep the heat out, our house is pretty okay.  Here’s how I attempted  to keep it at bay.

This is the only south-facing window in our house.  If I close the curtains, it helps a lot. Antares doesn’t mind the heat, though.  He will happily sleep on the sunny side of the curtain. IMG_3658

Why heat up the big oven to cook your pie crust, when you can instead use your toaster oven?   IMG_3660

Laundry!  Dried outside.  In about 10 minutes.  I washed ALL of my bedding.  IMG_3657

5 thoughts on “Friday Project and how to stay cool in the heat.”

    1. This is a good question. I’m too lazy to officially find out. But there was a statistic that illuminated the problem. Average number of 90 degree or higher days in June: 1. This year: 14 (or perhaps 15?).

      So it’s been a weird sustained hot, which isn’t like Portland at all in June. In fact, June is sometimes called “Juneuary” because it’s rather chilly.

  1. Too hot for Portlanders. No AC = roughing it in that sort of heat! Great idea to dry your laundry so quickly. I can’t even do that in my dryer!!!

  2. Smart ideas to beat the heat! Haha, Juneuary! The year we moved away, it was so cold the weekend we had our moving sale (in June) that we were in our winter coats. Two weekend later, it was 90+ (and I was sick as a dog). Good times.

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