Oddly specific fundraising mailer

IMG_3661I worked in the library at both colleges I attended for undergraduate work.  UMass is pretty persistent in the fundraising, despite the fact that I only made one donation once, to the history department.  It was weird to see the tagline “Happiness is…a job at the library.”

Yes it is, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give you any money.

3 thoughts on “Oddly specific fundraising mailer”

  1. That’s kind of funny. It’s like when the U of I pre-service teachers call me and ask for scholarship money for education. How can I say no to that?

  2. Dan went to Clark Community for like two quarters (didn’t graduate obvs) and he STILL gets fundraising requests in the mail from them. They’ve followed us through three states over seven years! I grudgingly find their determination somewhat impressive. My alma mater gave up on paper mail years ago. Maybe once a year or so, I’ll get an email request. I’ve never given them anything. I figure 4 years of out-of-state tuition was enough.

    I think it’s slightly creepy that UMass researched your history enough to try to appeal to your fond memories of library work.

    1. Oddly enough, I do have fond memories of my library work. I worked in the Microforms room. So called because we had both microfilm AND microfiche. My boss really hated her boss, so it was always interesting watching them interact. And most of the time it was very quiet, so I got a lot of work done.

      But I’m still not giving them any money.

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