Gift Certificate Spent


The gift certificate was a going away present from one of my favorite Emerson families.  I was excited to try out the latest in garlic mincing (green thing on the right) and the stemming thingie that is supposed to help me take stems out of kale, collards, etc as well as herbs.  These are the kinds of things I won’t spend real money on, because they might not work, but gift card money? Bring it on!  So far the mincer seems to work well and clean up fast.  The stem thing  works so-so on kale, etc., but fabulously on herbs, which I never like to pick apart anyway.

2 thoughts on “Gift Certificate Spent”

  1. This right here is what I love about getting gift cards. I also tend to use them to buy things that I might not necessarily buy with my own money. Have you gotten to try out any of the new utensils? I’m wondering if they worked out.

    1. The only thing I haven’t used yet is the cocktail strainer. But everything else works well. I like the ease of the garlic “mincer.” (It crushes, rather than minces, but I’m not picky that way.)

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